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Axios settings

Axios Settings

Axios.Settings is a static class that holds certain information such as the version.

The following static variables are defined in the class:

  • Version - the version of the engine
  • ScreenSaver - enable this if you are making a screensaver
  • ScreenWidth -> Both of these are recommended screen sizes based on the device
  • ScreenHeight
  • Loglevel -> By default everything is logged, if you want to change the level just change it inside of your game

The following methods are defined in the class as well:

  • SetResolution(GraphicsDeviceManager graphics, ResolutionSetting setting)
    • Sets the resolution based on suggested values
  • GetResolution(ResolutionSetting setting) - Get's a suggested resolution based on the platform you choose
  • GetHeightScale() - this is used for scaling objects for WP7
  • GetWidthScale()
  • GetScale()

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