AxiosEngine - XNA/Monogame Game Engine
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Axios Engine


Axios Engine is an open source 2D XNA Game Engine.

Mission Statement

To create an open source game engine that thrives on simplicity without sacrificing usability.

Supported Platforms

- Windows 7
- Windows Phone 7
- Xbox 360


Official wiki:

(To be ported to: )

Build Instructions

Open the solution and hit build. DLLs for each platform will be put into the "Combined" folder.

Where can I download pre-built DLLs?

Official versions can be downloaded here:

Of course you can always build from source from:


General questions/comments/concerns can be directed at:

Nathan Adams - adamsna[at]


Bret Deasy

Copyright and License Information

Axios - See Axios License.txt
- Written by Nathan Adams and released under the Apache License

Farseer - See Farseer License.txt

Glee2D - See Glee2D.License.txt

XNACC - See XNACC.License.txt

Portions of this product are (C) 2009-2011 JRTwine Software, LLC

Prompt Factory - By Blaze Phoenix

Game Services - See Game.Services.License.txt